ABP was founded by producer and former FBI Special Agent Anne Beagan, who served in the Bureau’s largest field divisions, NY and LA. Her unprecedented access and extraordinary insider status, not only to the FBI, but also to a wide-ranging network of subject matter experts, renowned filmmakers, and talent, uniquely position her to produce captivating content for worldwide audiences.

After transitioning to the New York FBI’s Office of Public Affairs as its entertainment industry liaison, Anne built wide working relationships handling diverse media projects - feature films, television series, documentaries, books and magazine articles, often featuring the FBI. Anne’s talent for thinking outside the box is well known both inside the Bureau and out, and has succesfully led to her work on several ground-breaking media projects resulting in strong, trusted industry relationships that stand to this day.

Anne’s collective knowledge enabled her to leverage her producing experience and storytelling skills in founding Anne Beagan Productions. In the development of ABP properties she continues to use her investigative and media acumen, her internal network of subject matter experts and distinctive creativity to produce dynamic and compelling stories that resonate with modern audiences.

In addition to running ABP, Ms. Beagan advises and provides Subject Matter Experts for entertainment companies developing crime centered stories.

‘ I have to thank Anne Beagan for serving as our FBI advisor on two of my films, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET and THE IRISHMAN. She was essential in connecting us to real life agents with first hand experience of the events of the films and she was a necessary presence on set advising us on scenes involving FBI agents to give those scenes a feeling of reality and authenticity. Anne had a calm, experienced presence on set. From helping choreograph action involving FBI arrests, to making sure the body language of the actors felt right, to training actors how to handle and wear their weapons and uniforms.

I wish her all the best as she embarks on this new venture, bringing authentic FBI stories to the public.’





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